How to Market Your Small Business During Pandemic

How to Market Your Small Business During Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit at the beginning of the year, the global market has tightened its belt to stay afloat in an economy that is already damaged by the global lockdowns.

Coronavirus outbreak has been a disaster for the global economy by increasing business closures and much more. But small businesses have been affected the most by the pandemic.

Small businesses that are the backbone of the US economy have found themselves struggling at the time of crisis. The closures caused furloughs in employment, and became a dreadful experience for customers.

However, even in such unfortunate times, many small businesses found their way to survival. Some of them changed their mode of working by making their staff more remote work-friendly, some started adjusting their business strategies. Either way, small businesses started functioning in the coronavirus world to keep their companies alive.

Even after trying their best to continue the company’s operations, many businesses struggled in marketing their products or services during coronavirus outbreak.

Small businesses do not have a big marketing budget to promote the brand, however, in pre-coronavirus days, they had an easier way to market their business. But with the coronavirus caused restrictions, nothing was easy for small businesses, let alone marketing.

However, there are many ways to market your brand without having to break any coronavirus restrictions.

To help small business owners, we have made a list of ways that can help them promote their brands in the coronavirus world.

Here are a few options to go for:  

Start Selling Online

For most of the businesses that have products that require real world interaction of buying and selling, it is time for them to change the business model to an e-commerce platform.

Such businesses can take inspiration from Shopify with a shoppable landing page or have a selling site such as Etsy.

However, if you do not have a website, then you first should set up one. Then, you should build a shoppable landing page where your customers can easily purchase your products.

Start Optimizing Social Media Channels

If you have not realized the importance of social media marketing yet, then hear some facts out:

  • More than 3.5 billion people are using social media.
  • More than 50 million small businesses are using Facebook to connect with their customers.
  • 90% of marketers believe that social media marketing has increased business exposure.
  • 44% of local businesses say that they depend on social media for brand awareness.
  • 41% of local businesses say that they depend upon social media for revenue regeneration.
  • 6% of small businesses promote their businesses through social media.

So, now that these stats have managed to change your thinking regarding the importance of social media marketing, it is time to know how to invest in social media channels to promote your business.

Pandemic has halted many ways of business marketing, except social media marketing. Social media marketing has seen a rise in the pandemic, as people are more inclined towards using more social media platforms.

This is because the majority of people are now in their homes, with nothing but social media to keep them up with entertainment and information needs. Apart from serving as a source of infotainment, social media is also powerful in helping people make their purchasing decision. Especially when it comes to online shopping, social media has helped customers the most.

Apart from helping consumers, social media usage was also increased as marketers that were functioning from their home during coronavirus managed to continue with their marketing techniques remotely on social media. With the help of a reliable and strong internet connection like Spectrum Internet, widely popular for its affordable Spectrum Silver TV, marketers were able to pull off their marketing strategy in 2020.

Therefore, marketers need to make the best out of this time by interacting with customers on social media. Make sure that you build a local clientele through responsible interaction with customers through different social media platforms.

Host Virtual Event

While the coronavirus outbreak put a stop to in-person business events, it has produced alternative options for brands to promote their business. One such alternative source is a virtual event.

If you are planning to launch a new product, this is the best time to experiment with these new marketing techniques and upgrade your approach.

Bottom Line

Whatever you decide to do in order to promote your brand, make sure you have the right marketing strategy to back it up.