Affordable Ways to Increase the Value of a Home

Affordable Ways to Increase the Value of a Home

For anyone considering selling their home, upgrading it can provide a lot of benefits. An outdated, worn down building would never get you the return you expect. Now, this does not necessarily mean a fancy makeover that requires a huge expenditure and will probably cost you half the price of the actual house; just a few minor, cheap and impactful changes can give your home the boost it needs to become much more valuable in the eyes of buyers.

Repaint Walls

It’s understandable why the walls of any confined space would have a huge impact on its value. A poor paint job is a sign of a lack of maintenance. Freshly painted walls can easily give any home a fresh, new feel. The colors you choose also play an important role. While it depends on what kind of a feel you want to go for, neutral colors are your safest bet if you’re thinking of putting it up for sale. These colors will appeal to almost anyone, especially in a more formal setting. They give a more refined look and are very likely to attract buyers.

Switch Lighting

Lighting can change the look of a home so drastically, it can become almost unrecognizable, especially at night time. Lighting doesn’t have to be too expensive, it can even be small tweaks such as lighting up the pathway to your porch, or installing warm bulbs with a soft glow somewhere in your garden. You can even work with cheap strip lights and install them along your staircase or behind your TV in a way that it gives it a nice, fancy backlight. You can also make use of natural light to make your home look bigger and more open.

You can also add smart lighting to make your entire space more appealing. Smart lights not only add to the aesthetics, they also reduce your bill and bring convenience. Technology is all about making your life easier. Just like you can easily pay your bill through Potomac Edison electric online, smart lights allow you to control your home with a tap of a button.

Fix floors

Damaged floors can negatively impact the image of a home in the eyes of a potential buyer. If you’ve noticed that your floors have devalued over time, or the carpet looks shabby and old, replacing it would significantly boost your home’s appeal. You can do this by simply covering up the floor with a carpet, or replacing the old one with something new. It’s better if the color is something that goes with the room, but also cannot get dirty as quickly; it may also help if you try to find more sustainable materials.

Repair and Maintenance

This includes everything from electrical fixtures to plumbing. When buying a house, a bad electrical system can be one of the most bothersome long-term problems, and no homeowner would ever want to deal with that. Make sure you get everything inspected so that no major faults can devalue the home you’ve worked so hard to prepare for this. A well-maintained home isn’t the easiest to come by, so this is sure to increase its demand.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Simply putting out rustic porch furniture outside your house can make it look a lot more appealing. There’s a lot of creative work that you can do on the outside of your home, including the addition of aesthetically pleasing lights, plants that are strategically placed and furniture that goes with the external theme of your home. This creates a great impression for your home right off the bat, and creates a good image in the eyes of any buyer, even if they are just browsing.

Increase Storage Space

Creating an organized room with shelves and excess storage space is often overlooked, but it is definitely given extra points when searching for a living space. Storage is one of the most important parts of a home, and having an entire space reserved just for that purpose can prove to be a very impactful source of attraction. For this, you may take any small room and turn it into a storage space by adding shelves and organizers.

Replace Certain Components for a Better Aesthetic

In any home, there are certain things that may seem insignificant, but upgrading them could make a huge difference on the overall look. For example, faceplates and outlets that match your walls instead of standing out are a lot more subtle and provide uniformity. Switching your light bulbs from bright white to a warmer tone might give a certain room a cozier feeling, making it look much more appealing. Changing curtains or blinds to match the furniture, or create a good contrast with your walls is also a way to improve the feel of your home,

Revamp the Kitchen

Kitchen may be one of, if not the most important room in a house. It can often tell a lot about the residents, and how the rest of the house is going to be. Maintaining your kitchen at its full potential when your house is getting ready to be sold is a great idea, and there are a lot of small tweaks that can you can make to raise its value. You can do small things such as adding ambient lighting, creating a theme for organizers and utensils, or putting certain things on display that you think may give your kitchen a more refined look.


Taking the above steps will not only give your home a whole new look, it will also make it worth much more than what you bought it for. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house immediately, upgrading it is never a bad ideas.