Choose One Of The Safest Cities To Stay Peacefully

Choose One Of The Safest Cities To Stay Peacefully

There are different factors that are considered to choose the safest cities and the worst cities to stay in the world. It involves the crime rate, pollution, economy, business opportunities, employment and lots more. Based on all the parameters and much more, there are a few cities in the US that are considered to be the safest to stay.

Typically, countless polls and surveys are conducted over the years across different cities and hard data is collected. These are then analyzed, compared and studied top come up with the most accurate results. Based on tis data here are some of the safest cities in the US to stay.

Cary, NC

This is the place to stay if safety is your primary concern. According to the facts and findings there is no other city in the US that is as safe as Cary, NC.

  • It ranks second-to-last when it comes to violent crime rate at 64
  • The property crime rate is at 1074
  • The schools are safe and are in very high regard
  • The nightlife in this town is safe though not very active.

If you like to party at night there are nearby towns to visit. You can ride back home after the party which adds to its safety quotient as well.

Irvine, CA

Another one in the list of the Top 8 Safest US Cities in 2019, this city offers you everything that you want in a calm and peaceful life.

  • The police patrols are active and regular
  • It has lowest violent crime rate at only 61 per 100 thousand residents
  • The property crime rate is 9thlowest at 1316
  • The cozy suburban aesthetic of the town will attract you and
  • The education offered is topnotch.

Though the food selection is limited, but heck, peace is all you want!

Naperville, IL

This city ranks third on the list with low violent crimes rates, very clean spaces, different types of housing, high educational standard and much more. Though the taxes are slightly steeper than the average, this is the right place for you if you are a shopaholic or you are a lover of gourmet.

It also has lots of space for running, jogging and cycling and would satisfy your athletic needs. The low pollution adds to the health standards.

Few other cities

  1. Port St. Lucie, FL:

This is another incredibly safe town to live in the US. It has the third lowest property crime rate and it is the best place to live in for the people who do not love public transport! Everything you could need is available close-by in this clean town with minimal pollution.

  1. Allen, TX:

This is not only the safest place to live in but is also great for making real estate investments because it is frequently expanding.

  1. New York, NY:

Most people think this is the city of crime and terrorist attack and is unsafe but that is not true due to its opportunities.

Lastly, you can also check out on Murrieta, CA as the best beach town and Thousand Oaks, CA if you like outdoors activity and a safe place to live in.