Tell The Story Of A Company Event Through Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tell The Story Of A Company Event Through Instagram As A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Instagram is in fact a great platform to tell the story of your company. You can tell it in all good ways whether it is from the perspective of the owner of your company or from the point of view of the user, the stakeholder or anyone outside the company.

Ideally, this is the best way to tell something about your company. This is because there are hundreds and thousands of reviews and testimonials available on the internet about any company irrespective of its business size or type, but there is nothing like including a few reviews about your company that is your own or even better that from your customers.

Show your brand experience

You can show the experience of your brand through the Instagram stories. All you have to do is take a quick picture of the customers. You can show a sneak peek into the experience of the customer using your product and their views about your brand.

You will simply have to make sure that you:

  • Choose the right and most relevant pictures
  • Frequently post the pictures and
  • Choose the right time to post it to give a pleasant surprise to your customers.

You can also use pictures that will show where exactly the customers are going or any snapshots of your customers with celebrities. These celebrities need not be a movie or a TV star. It can even be the CEO of your company, provided he or she is a well-known figure and has made significant contributions towards your company.

You can make your brand experience even more memorable if you use pictures of your sponsors like most of the businesses do.

Engage with your fans

The best way to tell a story through Instagram is to engage with your fans and associate them with your brand experience. This will not only make your stories different from others but will also provide a lot of value to your customers. Show the moments of your happy customers. It can be anyone but you will surely achieve your goals by using Instagram.

Jus make sure that when you post a picture you think about two specific things:

  • How you can showcase your brand values and
  • How you can highlight the experience of your customers.

The best ways to use Instagram most efficiently is to facilitate and improve the relationship that you have with your audience. Apart from making your customers happy this will ensure that your brand has a face and a face value. This is the most important and valuable thing for your audience.

Interest in your events

You must also get more interest in your events if you want to create the best Instagram Stories like professionals such as Gramista do. Typically, the goal of any event, trade show or even a contest for that matter is to attract more people towards the brand to teach them about the product and service. With more info shared about the brand the businesses expect hat these people will turn out to be their loyal customers.

Instagram can help you to achieve that goal as it will give the attendees of the event two important things such as:

  • A clear visual about the vent and
  • The location of it.

In order to achieve this, most conferences, events, special campaigns and contests have a dedicated hashtag/ This the attendees and interested users can follow on Instagram as well as other social media channels such as Twitter. This will help you to show others everything that is going on in the event.

Do it anyhow

You can tell your story anyway you feel like on Instagram. You can do it in the visual way or in 140 characters in order to promote your booth area in an event or a trade show. Just kame sure that you:

  • Show it with the most engaging visual work and also
  • Give the location of your booth using a proper hashtag.

When you add Instagram to your event using a proper and relevant hashtag it will help you to achieve your marketing goal. It will help you to:

  • Reach out to more people
  • Encourage more people to visit your booth and
  • Increase the level of engagement with your audience.

When the users follow your hashtag of the conference or the trade show, they will be able to locate your booth faster and drawn to your Instagram shot. This is a very useful and effective approach to follow especially for a large conference as it will enable the company to stand out from the crowd.

Think and relate with the marketing strategy

You must have a very clearmarketing strategy for your event in place if you want to make the most and drive the maximum number of social media traffic to your site. It is also necessary that you relate it well and use the Instagram posts accordingly. In addition to that, you must also consider your messaging and figure out what to convey using your booth number.

You must put your booth number on every post of collateral you give out. This will make it much easier for the attendees to find you online. This means that while you are tweeting or posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram, you are actually making is much easier and simpler for the attendees of the event or conference to find the location of your booth. In addition to that, the proper and relevant visual will entice them even more.

Instagram as your marketing tool

There is no doubt Instagram can be your best marketing tool. You should add it to your marketing list of strategies. Do not be fooled by the common and wrong concept that Instagram can only be used by the B2C companies.

It is proved through several research and studies that Instagram can be an excessively valuable tool for the B2B companies as well. Therefore, go ahead and include it in your social media marketing policy. This will help you to reach out to more and more people with minimal effort and cost.