Cheat Sheet To creating Wedding Invitations Online in 2019

Cheat Sheet To creating Wedding Invitations Online in 2019

The guest list for Indian Weddings is really huge. By this, I don’t mean 300-500 guests. It’ll go anywhere from 700-800 or even above 1000. Also, when it comes to weddings,they want nothing but the best. So, imagine printing physical invites with a premium design and high quality cards for so many guests. Imagine how much money, effort and energy goes into it. Why go to such lengths when you can simply create wedding invitations online?

Why create a wedding invitation online?

Wedding invitations take up a lot of time and energy. First you have to decide the design, then the text, then ensuring the text is right in 5 different copies and then you spend money on printing hundreds of invitation copies. You then spend time in distributing it to your guests. So online invitations basically save up a lot of time. They also save paper which helps in saving the planet. All in all wedding invitations are much better than printed invites and also super feasible.

So, here’s the cheatsheet on creating online wedding invitations online in 2019

#1. Sign Up with a Website that has the best templates 

There are so many websites in India that have really great wedding invitations online. I personally like Wedding Wishlist, as it has a lot of amazing templates. I love the designs and the colour and it has something truly Indian as well as modern and everything in between. So any kind of design you want they have it.

#2. Convey the right information

Ensure that the e-invite has all the information with regards to the function. All the information like the venue, time , address and even the dress code should be mentioned. Also, the wedding website link must be present so that the guests can have all the information with regards to the wedding on hand and also access to the gift registry. Online wedding invitations generally have a ready template that you could follow if you’re someone who has no clue about formats. All you need to do is add your name, venue, timing, gift registry link

#3. Ask your guests to RSVP

Ensure that your e-invite has the RSVP message attached it. This will ensure that the guests can respond easily and promptly. Also you’ll get an overview of the headcount so that you can plan your wedding accordingly.

Creating wedding invitations online is really that simple. So don’t hesitate and definitely create one for your wedding!