What are the top 5 Business Ideas for Every Women Entrepreneur?

What are the top 5 Business Ideas for Every Women Entrepreneur?

India is titled the world’s seventh largest country in respect to economic growth with a GDP of $2.716 trillion in 2018. According to the data of the Sixth Economic Census, women contribute to approximately 14% of the total entrepreneurship growth of India.

Most women tend to start their business on a small scale due to the lack of funds and resources. However, there are some best business ideas for women that you can consider if you want to start your own business.

  1. Social media management-

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on social media and your activities are being appreciated, consider it as a business plan. Social media marketing is an integral part of marketing and branding. Start by managing the social handles of companies you are familiar with. This way, you will gain the necessary experience to branding and brand image creation. Social media management has witnessed massive popularity and can be considered as one of the best business ideas for women. Maintain the 7 Cs of communication in your posts, i.e. clarity, credibility, context, courtesy, content, continuity and consistency.

  1. Clothing business-

If you are skilled in cloth designing and have the necessary resources, then you can start your private boutique. Boutiques, at the first stage, require low capital and labours, thus proving to be one of the best business ideas for women. Once you gain popularity and acceptance, you can expand your business by hiring workers or even opening branches of your boutique in different areas.

  1. Graphic designing-

If you have a creative mind and expertise in the field of graphic designing, then you can try your luck in this sector. This sector has seen immense growth and has gained tremendous popularity. Thus, graphic designing can be a good business idea for women if you know how to arrange for funds. Once you establish yourself and get a grip on the market, you can expand your business specialised in graphic designing.

  1. Bridal store-

Every girl dreams of an exclusive wedding day where she would look the best among all. You can start your freelance business specialised in bridal necessities like makeup, hair-do, bridal clothes and jewellery. Bridal stores have proven to be one of the best business ideas for women and have gained immense popularity. Once you gain acceptance, you can expand your business by owning a store where you can offer such services and meet your client’s requirements.

  1. Day-care centres-

With the increase in the number of working women, the demand for day care centre is enormous. Opening such day-care centres is one of the best business ideas, only if you are responsible and love children. Such centres will require considerable funds to hire especially skilled staff and set up of the needed facilities. You can avail business loans to cater to the need and help your business grow.

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