What Are The Subjects In Class 11 Commerce?

What Are The Subjects In Class 11 Commerce?

In a student’s life, choosing the most suitable stream after class X is a crucial decision. The decision that a student and parents together take at this time indicates what a student’s career and profession they would adopt in the future.

Earlier, most of the students after class X board exams would choose science as their subject. But today, there are a considerable amount of students who want commerce as their subject. In India, commerce is one of the popular subjects because of its diversified career opportunities that would lead them both success and financial security.

Commerce is a vast subject and can experience advanced learning. The most basic questions a student would want to know about commerce are: What are the class 11th commerce subjects? What subjects should I choose? What is career scope? What is the strategy to prepare for 11th class for commerce?

For all class 11 commerce students, there are four main subjects (compulsory), and the fifth subject is optional (can choose the subject according to their interest).

Commerce Subjects in Class 11:

  1. Accountancy – It is a core subject of commerce. Not only for academic, but the subject is also relevant for future opportunities. This subject consists of both theoretical and numerical portion and helps to understand the numbers and financial data. Its is a high scoring subject in commerce.
  2. Economics – It is divided into two major parts Indian Economic Development and Statistics. This subject will give an overview of the country’s economy and development over the years. Students will encounter many theories, graphs, formulas, and charts in this subject.
  3. Business Studies – It is a theoretical subject and gives students in-depth knowledge about business, objectives, types, and various business-related theories.
  4. English – This subject is not compulsory in a few state boards. The fourth subject depends on the state board and the place you are studying.
  5. Optional subject – This has an array of options to choose from. Few popular options are mentioned below.
    1. Mathematics
    2. Physical Education
    3. Information Technology
    4. Hindi
    5. Punjabi
    6. Music
    7. Painting
    8. Psychology
    9. Entrepreneurship etc.

Tips: Students can refer to 11th commerce books by T.S.Grewal. D.K.Goel, T.R.Jain to have a better understanding of commerce concepts. For more information on commerce subject stay tuned to BYJU’S.