Top Reasons for Women to Consider Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Top Reasons for Women to Consider Undergoing Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons why women would want to go under the knife and undertake plastic surgery. Typically, when you visit a plastic surgeon, he will interview you regarding your wish to change your appearance. There are two reasons why this is done; one is to establish whether what is desired is at all feasible or not and the second is to determine whether the procedure would deliver the desired result or if the patient would benefit from consulting a psychologist. The following are some of the top reasons why women want cosmetic surgery:

To Correct How Nature Made You Look Like

We cannot choose the genes that decide how we look like because they are decided by our parents and will be responsible for how we look for the rest of our lives. If you are not satisfied with the way you look, you may be strongly motivated to change it with plastic surgery. Common things like a misshapen nose or a jaw-line that you are not comfortable with can undermine your self-confidence so plastic surgery may well be the thing that will give you a new direction in life. However, if you feel that your body is completely defective and you want to change everything, you may not possibly be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. It may be better for you to seek counseling instead.

Rolling Back the Signs of Aging

It is very common for all of us to develop signs of aging that can no longer be countered with makeup. With cosmetic surgery, it is possible to reverse the fine lines and wrinkles that typically develop on the face and also cause the skin to sag most unbecomingly. You can choose to have dermal fillers to overcome the wrinkles and even a facelift that can make you look at least a decade younger. Even though cosmetic surgery to roll back the signs of aging is extremely popular, you need to be realistic about your expectations – there is no plastic surgery that has been developed yet that can make a woman in her mid-thirties or more look like a teenager once more. The cost of plastic surgery depends on how much work is envisaged by the surgeon and is typically heavily dependent on the age of the person undergoing the treatment. If you are determined not to let age overcome you and maintain your youthful looks throughout, it may be a better option for you to a series of smaller procedures at smaller intervals rather than a massive surgery at an advanced age when many of the changes have already taken place. According to, while plastic surgery cannot arrest the aging process, it can certainly create a more youthful appearance. The effect paired with some alluring lingerie from can transform your personal relationships too in a wonderful way.

Repair Skin Damaged by the Sun or Acne

Nowadays there is huge awareness about the bad effects that the sun can have on our skin. The UV rays in the radiation of the sun can cause premature aging with the sun damage becoming visible as wrinkles, pigmented skin, and freckles, and even as skin cancer in extreme cases. The exposure to the sun can also result in age spots, and lead to sagging of the skin as well as making the skin look leathery. Depending on the extent of the damage the cosmetic surgeon will advise the course of the treatment that can range from chemical peels to laser skin resurfacing. In the case of facial skin sagging, however, there is no other option but to undergo a surgical facelift.

Acne is a normal part of growing up and occurs due to the hormonal changes experienced during the adolescent years. Sometimes due to bad facial care and extremely severe onset of acne, permanent scars can be left behind that can severely undermine your confidence. Though surgical treatment can reduce acne scars significantly, if the damage is severe, removing them completely may not be feasible. With the help of dermal fillers and laser treatment, it is possible to reduce the acne scar damage considerably so as not to be a point of concern anymore for women. Again, due to the different results that you may get as a result of the varying extent of skin damage, you should not have unrealistic expectations. If the scars are deep, it is very unlikely that after treatment, you would have a skin that is baby smooth.

Correcting a Physical Problem

Many occasions require plastic surgery to correct defects in the body that prevent the normal functioning of a body part. Situations that were taken for granted a few decades back and people expected to lead their entire lives with compromises can now be corrected with the help of plastic surgery and the quality of life can be improved significantly. These include eyelid surgery that can improve the peripheral vision or nasal surgery that can eliminate snoring and improve the ability to breathe. Plastic surgery can come to the rescue of people who were born with a physical defect like cleft lip and palate or have undergone serious illness or injury that has left them physically impaired. In such cases, plastic surgery can be immensely beneficial as it can help them to lead a normal life and more importantly increase their feeling of confidence in themselves and aid their integration into society that is often extremely unforgiving to people with physical disabilities. If you have suffered a physical deformity as a result of injury or illness, your health insurance coverage may pay at least a part of the expenses of the reconstructive surgery.


The best reason for a woman to consider plastic surgery is the extra confidence that it will bring into her life. With a disfigurement taken care of, it is natural that she will feel surer of herself and be able to perform better in her professional and personal life. There are indeed many careers and occupations where people expect you to have a certain appearance so a cosmetic surgery procedure might be just the thing to put your career into a higher orbit.