Top 9 Reasons We Need To Switch To Cotton Reusable Bags

Top 9 Reasons We Need To Switch To Cotton Reusable Bags

It’s true and we all love shopping. Whether its grocery shopping or something else, we can’t go outside without carrying a bag to carry our stuff. Now, we all should consider what kind of shopping bags are we using and if it has any bad effects on our environment? Should we keep on using plastic bags or we need to switch to cotton bags? It is important for you to know plastic bags are causing great harm to our environment and marine animals and somehow plastic has also entered into our food chain. To eliminate plastic bags, we must replace it with cotton bags. Let’s discuss the top nine reasons illustrating the same.


Cotton is environmentally friendly as it can be decomposed easily. Most of the fibers are not a much better option than cotton. You will rarely see a cotton bag on the ground after its disposal. They don’t cause any pollution and don’t clog up the drains. Cotton can only take a few weeks to decompose as compared to plastic bags which take up to years to decompose. We can save the environment by simply switching to reusable mesh produce bags.

Easy to Recycle

Cotton is a natural fiber and this property helps it to be recycled and used again. When a material gets recycled, it does not pollute the environment, and therefore it is the best bag to use. Plastic recycling, on the other hand, is difficult because it is expensive than buying new plastic bags. Recycled cotton uses organic and traditional cotton scrap that can be reclaimed again to new yarn. This reduces environmental waste which is required so as to curb pollution.


When it comes to cost, cotton bags are an economical better option than plastic. You have to keep buying plastic bags because they are cheap and therefore in many grocery shops you will get your things in a plastic bag. But the cotton bag comes at a good price and are cost-effective as you can carry your own bag to several places. The use of cotton reusable produce bags will reduce the litter each and every day caused by plastic bags.


Cotton bags are the most durable than plastic bags, and you can use the bag for quite along time. It remains in good condition and you can carry it without the fear of it tearing apart. If maintained properly then they can last for many months or years due to its durability. You can use one cotton bag for multiple purposes for shopping, on the beach, to carry your books or for lunch. Some bags such as plastic easily tears off when weight is more.


Cotton bags are the most sustainable bags, and you can wash them when they are dirty and they will look new again. When you are able to reuse them, it means that they are sustainable. On the other hand, you will have to keep buying plastic bags each time because they are not as sustainable as cotton.

Better Material To Advertise

If you run a business and want to advertise in an eco-friendly way, then choosing a cotton bag for this purpose is a better option. You can use cotton bags for your customers whenever they buy things from your brand. Get the cotton bags with your printed logo and they won’t wear off easily because once printed, remains visible for a long time.

Soft fabric

Cotton fiber has a soft, smooth and pleasant feeling when touched, unlike other bags that are rough. You can hold the bag comfortably and can carry heavy items without having the blisters or any irritation to your skin. Comfort is very important when you are giving carry bags to your kids as they can carry their items without getting any rashes.

Carry More Weight

Every consumer will love to know that they can put most of their stuff all at once in a cotton bag. It means you can carry a single cotton bag while shopping, and come back home without carrying many bags. This is where cotton bags best suit you as on the other hand Nylon, and plastic bags are very light and cannot carry heavy items.

Finally, we can say, Cotton mesh produce bags are a much better option as they can be used multiple times after simple wash. You can give it a simple wash in the washing machine and you can even wash a branded cotton reusable bag, its logo won’t wear off with the cold water. A machine wash will give you a clear bag with no grocery smell and you can reuse it once again. This is the major benefit of the cotton bag and you can’t machine wash nylon bags as they are more likely to get damaged.