Tips to eradicate scars with a no scar facewash

Tips to eradicate scars with a no scar facewash

Scar is considered to be a natural process of healing where normal skin is restored after trauma. The best negligible of injuries are bound to leave behind a scar mark. In addition to the skin scars can lead to formation of tissues on the body. Resorting to a scar mark removal cream could provide fruitful results in due course of time.

Tips to prevent scars

  • Proper cleaning of the area – The area needs to be washed thoroughly with cool water and a mild soap helping to remove debris. Ensure that the region around the wound is cleaned. If you feel that stitches are needed, pay a visit to the emergency room. Within a day or two the wound is expected to start healing on its own, stopping successful suturing. Stitches are known to assist the wound properly and resist scratching. A scar removal cream would prevent acne, reduce the PH level and even control oil.
  • Application of petroleum gel as this is going to prevent the wound from drying out and scab. If you make the wound damp and free from scab the scar is not expected to become deep and sticky. Application of petroleum gel to the region with a cotton swab would do the trick
  • Covering the area- you need to apply bandage to the area as this is expected to keep the germs and bacteria out locking the moisture in. In case of bigger burns hydrogel can be used.
  • The dressing is to be changed and the wound to be cleaned on a day to day basis. Once you wash the area there is no need to apply an antibiotic gel
  • Once scabs emerge, do not touch it. If you disturb it this is going to make it look a lot shoddier. If there are stitches you need to follow the instructions of your doctor, on how you need to take care and even remove them.
  • The area should not be exposed to the sun. Just be aware that the scar tissue is prone to damage by ultraviolet rays rather than the normal skin tissue. On prolonged exposure to the sun it is going to darken the area and make it more noticeable. In case if you are planning to go outside, at least apply a sunscreen 30 to the scar
  • A massage is to be given on to the scar incorporated with vitamin E every day. Studies point that once the wound has healed you need to rub the scar with vitamin E as this would get rid of the scar

To sum it up certain type of scars might call for medical intervention. In some cases surgery might be a required option in order to get rid of the scar. By surgery a skin graft is provided it burns victims you are normally victims of such scar surgery.

Before you are planning to opt for surgery based treatments it is always better to choose home based treatments. But before you select a home based treatment check out the ingredients first.