The Stature of an MBA Program in Investment Banking Career

The Stature of an MBA Program in Investment Banking Career

The prestige of an MBA program has a direct influence on candidates to receive job interview invitations from high-ranking investment banks.

Every year, fresh MBA graduates join the ranks of the investment banks as Associates or Analysts. Many of them might have an internship in investment banking and decided to come back to the industry after earning an MBA.

In brief, investment banking or any finance industry prefer MBA candidates sooner or later. With an MBA, it is easy to ace the job through campus interviews. An MBA in finance makes the candidate get well-versed in major financial domains like market trading, volatility, financial instruments, risk management, and bankruptcy.

With MBA, the candidates get competency for investment banking as the faculty are generally industrial experts. Apart from subjective knowledge, the candidates stay updated with the latest technology and trend in the field. The internship period during the course hones them to become the right candidate who can start a career in investment banking with practical skills.

Investment bankers use mathematical and statistical functions to make decisions on –

  • Corporate finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio management
  • Fund management
  • Algorithm trading
  • Risk management

MBA provides a framework to understand business and its operations. An MBA enables professionals to analyze, sell, or run a business. It helps you learn the language and strategy to buy, sell, analyze, and manage the business.  It enables you to deal with a high level of attention to detail amidst humongous numerical data and tight deadlines.

Evidently, professionals who work in investment banking find that MBA helps them move up the ranks. Choosing a business school with a finance curriculum and other strong courses like marketing, human resources, and technology is important. In addition, hiring managers tend to source candidates from top schools. A few of the top business schools include-

  • University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
  • New York University: Stern
  • London Business School
  • University of Chicago: Booth
  • Columbia Business School
  • Harvard Business School
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

It is possible to get a career in an investment bank without an MBA degree. However, the individuals have to struggle to gain a foothold if they do not obtain an MBA. So, sooner or later, it is essential to earn an MBA.

In support of professionals, Investment banks assist their employees in obtaining MBAs.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. provides tuition assistance and offers MBA fellowships to select first-year business school students. Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. paysv100 percent of an MBA’s tuition fees and cost of books as per the eligibility criteria. To receive funding, the professionals must attend an approved business school, work for them during summer, and return to the company after an MBA. Credit Suisse Group AG provides a fellowship program for first-year business school students. They should be female or of Hispanic, African American or Native American descent.

In recent years, candidates securing the plum jobs in investment banking have Masters in Finance, multiple internships, CFA and investment banking certification too. There are business schools that provide MBA with finance and investment banking. In addition, there are a few schools that provide both CFA and MBA together.

Moreover, you can pursue an MBA anytime throughout your investment banking career as there is no age limit. Generally, scholars around 28 years enroll for classic full-time programs. Professionals over 40 or who are in their early career join MBA part-time programs.

Key Takeaways

MBA is essential to gain a successful entry and move up in an investment banking career. We find several investment banks with a history of recruiting from top business school programs. So, it is crucial to consider an MBA from prestigious schools.