Some Exercises during Pregnancy to Stay Well

Some Exercises during Pregnancy to Stay Well

Regular exercises during pregnancy have many added benefits. It keeps you fit, decreases fatigue. Bloating and constipation/ Exercises helps your body to release oxytocin and cortisol. These hormones balance your mood and keeps mood swings in check. It also helps you to build endurance. Because, as you know, labour is not an easy task.

But you need to be careful about doing exercise. Wrong or heavy workout can harm you and your baby. Hence, if you want to exercise then go to any trained and expert fitness coach who knows the exercises that can be done during pregnancy. Besides that, you also need to consult your doctor before you enrol in any pre-natal exercise classes.

Exercises change as the pregnancy advances through different stages. Usually, after 3 station pregnancy, doctors may prescribe the exercises that can help you to prepare for labour. So, you may be to do a little bit difficult workout in the initial stages of your pregnancy but your doctor may prescribe light exercise during the last trimester.

 Popular exercises during pregnancy

 Some popular exercises are usually advised by doctors and fitness trainers.

  • Brisk walking

Brisk walking is always a great exercise. You can do it during any stage of your pregnancy. And the bonus point is that you do not need any equipment. Just a simple stroll around the neighbourhood will do. Try to walk on smoother surfaces and avoid rocks, potholes as much as you can, Because during the later stage of your pregnancy your centre of gravity changes and you can easily lose your balance and co-ordination. So, always walk carefully and also wear a good walking shoe.

  • Swimming

It is another exercise that is great during pregnancy. Swimming does not make you push the joints harder and allows motion without extra effort. It can also allow you to get some relief from the extra weight you are carrying for your baby. In the case of baby dropping at 33 weeks,  visit your doctor to ask if you can continue swimming or not.  If you are swimming in pregnancy then try to choose a comfortable stroke and keep a floating pool chair handy. Besides that, never dive or jump.

  • Yoga

Yoga is wonderful if you want to build endurance and flexibility during your pregnancy then you can do yoga. Yoga is versatile and there are various poses that you can perform during different stages of pregnancy. Yoga stimulates your blood circulation, helps you to relax, lowers blood pressure. Try to avoid poses that may increase the risk of added pressure to your abdomen from the second trimester. Besides that also avoid poses, that may require you to lie down on your back for some time.

  • Pelvic tilts and squats

Pelvic tilts and squats are great for the third and fourth trimester. These exercises help you to relax and prepare your body for labour and delivery. Pregnancy squats and pelvic tilts can help to ease your labour pain. Squats spread the pelvic region and help to open the pelvis. So, squats are extremely helpful if you want to prepare your pelvic region for the upcoming delivery. Pelvic tilts make the pelvic muscles strong and also lowers the back pain.

Whatever you do you need to get permission for your doctor. Besides that always exercise under an expert and keep safety equipment handy.