Mobile Phone Tracking Software for Kids & Employees – TheOneSpy

Mobile Phone Tracking Software for Kids & Employees – TheOneSpy

Have you ever got your hands on a mobile phone tracking app? If not, you have missed one of the most miraculous mobile apps. The technologists have developed tracking software to monitor and control mobile phones. This software enables parents and employers to supervise the mobile phone activities of children and workers. Here we have reviewed the powerful mobile phone tracking software TheOneSpy. Read on to know more about this parental control and mobile phone monitoring software.

How does TheOneSpy Work?

TheOneSpy is a spy app that secretly monitors activities performed on mobile phones possessed and used by children and employees. Parents and employers can mAake use of the app to monitor their families and workers to prevent them from unproductive and unsafe activities. After the secret app is installed on the mobile phone of kid or worker, the end-user can operate the app via web portal. Without accessing the targeted phone, the user can perform several actions on it and can get access to data stored on it.

What Can TheOneSpy Do?

The spyware software can do very amazing things on the targeted phone. First, it syncs important phone data and uploads to the web portal of TheOneSpy. Secondly, it offers powerful features to control the monitored phone without access. Given are the main features of the monitoring software that help to understand the effectiveness of this software.

Monitor Social Media

The social media activities of kids and workers can be supervised with the use of android spyware app. The spyware app allows monitoring WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Facebook and many commonly used instant messengers and social apps.

Live Screen Recorder

Whatever appears on the mobile phone screen can be recorded by sending remote command to the targeted cell phone. The app also allows taking screenshots to capture cell phone activities with an interval.

Call Recorder

The mobile phone tracking software records all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The end-user can access these recorded calls via online control panel of TheOneSpy. The spy app also gets access to call logs. As well as listening to phone calls of your kids and workers, you can block incoming calls from unwanted numbers.

Mobile Phone Tracking Software for Kids

Surround Monitoring

The spy app lets you see what is happening around your kids and workers. By turning on cameras and microphone of the targeted android phone, you can see and listen to the surrounding events.

Track Browsing History

The internet usage of workers and kids can be monitored with the help of spy software. The app syncs the internet browsing history and bookmarks to let you know which websites are frequently being visited.

Retrieve Media

The spy app for android mobile phones creates an online backup of the media files stored on the targeted phone. It lets you access photos, videos and voice recordings of your concerned ones.

Remote Control Apps & Phone

The spy app lets you block, unblock and uninstall unwanted apps from your kid’s mobile phone. Also, you can lock or unlock the mobile phone without physical access.


The mobile phone tracking software of TheOneSpy supports all mobile phones running Android OS 5 and above. It is compatible with all popular android smartphone brands which include but not limited to Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Haier, Sony, Huawei and LG.


The price of the tracking software depends on the subscription period and packages plan. If you want to subscribe the app for one-month, you need to pay around $30 for the subscription of Lite package. The android premier package may cost you around $45 a month.

What are Pros?

  • The android monitoring solution allows monitoring popular social media apps.
  • It offers monitoring of real-time mobile phone activities.
  • It lets you control cameras and microphone.
  • It is inexpensive than the competitor android monitoring apps.

What are Cons?

  • The user needs to root targeted android phone to run premier version of the spy app.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy is a powerful android tracking software that enables parents and employers to supervise the mobile phone use of kids and workers. The software plays key role in child monitoring and employee monitoring by letting the users keep their concerned ones under surveillance.