Instagram Stories- A Complete Guide To Unleash The Beauty Of This Feature

Instagram Stories- A Complete Guide To Unleash The Beauty Of This Feature

Thanks to Instagram Stories, now users get the chance to post videos and photos that might vanish right after 24 hours. This feature works more or less like the Stories feature from Snapchat, which was introduced in 2013 and became a major part of Snapchat’s growth. Just like with Snapchat, the videos and photos as shared in the IG Stories will prove to be ephemeral. It means that the videos won’t get viewed once it passed the mark of 24 hours.

The content as shared to the stories also will not appear on the grid of the profile or within the main feed spot on Instagram. Now, you must be wondering how this simple Instagram feature can help in business growth. To help you answer the feature, it is mandatory to log online and get some impeccable help in here. The more you get to research, the better. You might be shocked to know that Facebook was not lagging behind and rolled out the FB Stories feature to mobile users. To learn about it, Instagram and some more, you can log online at and get help.

Ways you can use Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories will appear right in bar at top of the current feed. All the major IG accounts will then be able to share stories from best friends to some of the major accounts. If any new story has been added, the profile photo will then have a colorful ring right around it. Just to view story of someone, you might need to tap on profile picture and the story will then appear full screen. It will actually show you all content that have been posted within the past 24 hours. The contents, at that time, will start playing in some chronological orders, starting right from the oldest to newest ones.

Once you are done viewing the story, you can just tap right to go back and forward. If you want, you can further tap to move forward or just swipe to jump onto another person’s story head. However, in such posts, there will be no likes or any form of public comment included. Whatever comments you will send on the story, it will be directly sent to the person who created it.

Starting to follow the ways in best manner possible:

So, you are making plans to start create your own story on Instagram for the first time. You don’t know what to get or expect from this source. For creating a story right on Instagram, you may have to tap on the “+” sign, which is located at top left side of the homepage. On the other hand, you can actually reveal that story camera, by swiping left and the camera screen will be open in front of you.

  • Once you have opened by the story camera, you can actually take a picture or record any video, just like you can go on with Instagram.
  • When you have already recorded the video or have taken photo, you can always use ranges of filters and then add drawings and text to the said content before the final posting.

Checking more on your viewers through simple steps:

You will not just get the opportunity to post a story of your choice but can also get to see those people who are viewing your story. Whenever the story gets posted, you can probably view some of the basic analytics. It will show how many times every post has been posted in story and how many times those have been viewed. You will further get to see who actually viewed the story you have just posted.

  • Whenever you are watching the story you have created just now, swipe up for checking out the data. Here, you will come across names of people who have seen very video and photo.
  • If you want, you can further choose one particular feature of the story by just posting it on profile. So, it will actually start to appear within feed. For that, you need to tap the upload button.

Adding content right from your camera roll:

Instagram Stories has one major feature to it where you get the chance to upload the content you have already created within last 24 hours directly from smartphone camera roll. For that, there are certain steps that you might care to follow.

  • You have to imply swipe right up on stories camera. Here, you will come to see some of the latest content from camera roll, which will appear right at bottom of screen.
  • Right from this time, you can start to select the contents that you are making plans to add to story.
  • Moreover, remember that your story will follow the privacy settings of said account. In case, you are setting your account right to private, the story will remain visible to just followers only.
  • On the other hand, you can further hide entire story from anyone that you don’t want to see it, even if they seem to follow you.

Get yourself some stickers too:

The stickers available for Instagram Stories are proven to be rather versatile in nature and will give you the chance to add some extra context to the IG Stories content. For adding stickers, right to story, make sure to take video or photo and then tap stickers button. Here, you will come across some of the customized stickers designed for current time, weather, location and so much more.

Get to add location as well:

For adding the location to the IG Stories posts, you need to tap the Stickers button and then get to select the “location” option. You will come across a proper list of all the nearby locations along with a search bar. This search bar will help you to filter and get to the right location. Then you can tap on the location you want to add.

There are some ways in which you can make IG Stories popping! So, start to learn those norms now before applying.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.