HDB renovation tips for a four-bedroom flat on a budget

HDB renovation tips for a four-bedroom flat on a budget

One of the burning questions that many homeowners face about renovation is how to do it on a budget. While owners of a two or three-bedroom HDB flats can still manage with the cost, those who have a four-bedroom flat tend to worry more. The reason is simple – more space means more makeover charges. But you can deal with this situation efficiently with some smart hacks. Here are a few renovation tips that you can use to alter the look of your home within the range of $40,000 or even less.

Opt for partial changes instead of a complete makeover

It is logical to assume that your four-bedroom apartment will consume a higher budget in renovating it compared to a smaller flat. However, if you don’t want to exceed the boundary, then you should focus on areas that need urgent attention. Avoid heavy carpentry work and fancy items to keep your cost in check. Going for a simple interior can be your best bet. For example, you can apply fresh paints on the walls, use wooden finishing, and install black track lighting to incorporate subtle transformations in the layout. You will surely like the contrasting visual appeal of your house.

Choose straightforward wood furniture

Quirky-shaped carpentry can cost you a massive renovation amount because of the elaborate work and details it involves. Hence, to make sure you don’t stretch your spends much, stick to the classic choices. The built-in linear furniture can give your four-bedroom HDB flat a fresh appearance in the settings of pale cream, greige, or taupe hues. The homes with such arrangements feature sleekness and condo-style energy.

Create space with open floor plan

Going all out with modification of the original layout may be expensive; you can experiment in certain areas of your home to give it a better purpose and feel. For example, if you want to expand space, then consider converting your study, kitchen, and master bedroom into an open-plan design. It helps enhance the fluidity of the area, making it look sprawling.

Avoid redoing the tiles

You can keep your HDB renovation plans affordable by not going for any significant changes. Just implement a few things here and there to infuse freshness as well as functionality. For example, if your home enjoys a Scandinavian theme, then you can bring in a suspended armchair or carve out a charming tiny dining corner. Along with that, you can install French-inspired windows near the kitchen. It will give your home a cheerful ambiance.

Go creative with walls

You can have a couple of signature showpieces and feature wall to improve the focal point of your home. But you can add a little more twist by introducing graphic mural or a chalkboard wall in one nook of your abode. The display of vibrant colors and intricate artworks there can effortlessly translate into the liveliness of the space.

Pick functionality over ornamental beauty

Some people believe that only intricate details and designs can add value to the overall beauty of your nest. While there is nothing starkly wrong with such perception, you have to mind your budget also. If you want to renovate your home to optimize its looks and utility, then consider doing away with trappings and embrace functional woodworks. Use them in your bedroom, kitchen, and foyer. These can look amazing in wooden and white finishing with chevron patterns. For an additional visual charm, you can select different types of handles. Against the background of colored walls, these simple details can accentuate the overall feel and appearance of the space beyond your imagination.

Give your home a modern touch with popping yellow hints

Budget can be your limitation, but you don’t need to rein in your creativity. You can give your house a grand look without spending extra money from your pocket. The trick is that use your imagination as far as possible. For example, you can place a full-length mirror in your living area to create an illusion of more extensive space. With that, if you infuse wooden pieces of furniture and white paint on the walls, then the attractiveness will get a further boost. Also, try to add pops of yellow throughout the stretch for a brighter look. The hints of striking lemon and mustard yellow on the sofa and lighting can be a good idea.

Combine monochrome colors with minimalism

You can give your home a classy appearance for a less than $40,000 budget by opting in for a few elements, such as a stylish black sofa, glossy finish, and monochrome patterns. For example, you can get a rug for your coffee table in black-and-white tone to break the smooth look and lend it a more jazzy touch.

There are many things that you can experiment with without going beyond your pre-determined renovation cost for an HDB flat with four bedrooms. However, it depends a lot on how you do it.