From Movies2k to Movies4k: Free Movies Streaming Online | movie4k unblocked

From Movies2k to Movies4k: Free Movies Streaming Online | movie4k unblocked

If you are waiting to watch latest movies online as soon as they are dropped in theaters, there is a website which can ease the work for you. Movies2k went viral and became popular for streaming the pirated movies. Moreover, in the couple of last years, Movies2k has gained large number of audience by offering a large chunk of top rated movies.

Movies2k also offers a section where you can browse through the movies according to their year of release. Although Movies2k was shutdown by MPAA in 2013 after running a high pressure operation against the organization. Also, they involved a letter to the United States House of Representatives.

Though Movie2k is a Romanian website, still MPAA easily dragged them intocthe court for taking them down. Movie2k came back online as Movie4k within days of its death. After that, the website managed to get a monthly traffic of 1 million users.

What is Movies2k?

Movies2k is basically a website that provide free movies with latest releases too. It is one of the most popular movies streaming website and there are very thick chances to get the movie as soon as they are out at the theatres.

NOTE: Watching movies at Movies2k is not a safe business and is illegal. The links can take you to another website and moreover, techniques like phishing are likely to happen.

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Yes! It can be very tricky business to land into Movies2k website and watch movies without any risk. But, if you are having an antivirus then you are free to roam around the website.

The website provides free movies for its audience. Just to remind you, most of the their content is hosted via third-party websites.

Is Switching to Movies4k a good idea?

 A piece of advice just for you- Movies4k is not even worth taking the risk. The website is known to be dyanamic legal target for the MPAA. Just eaxctly what Movies2k went through in 2013.

Going deep in the matter and spoil your mood, Movies4k doesn’t have any privacy policy and doesn’t care about yours too. The website can mislead the audience too.

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Though the people who are operating the site have criticized the MPAA. The runners think that MPAA is greedy. However, they push the deceptive ads and upload malwares and viruses on their users device.

There are many alternatives to the both Movies2k and Movies4k website. Showbox is one of the apps which is very famous for online TV and movies streaming for zero cost. Another such  website is Cyberflix where you can get free movies to download and stream. But all these website must be streamed at your own risk.

Here we have come to an end to the review of both Movies2k and Movies4k. If you have any question related to the both websites, don’t forget to put down your query in the comments section below.