Digital Harbor: A way to Scrutinize for Security

Digital Harbor: A way to Scrutinize for Security

We are in the 21st Century, where technology has evolved at great heights. The problem has solutions in the modern era, the solutions to have to face hurdles of risks and even frauds. Thus, the implementation of such solutions makes it a significant concern to provide assistance for protective services. Today, such companies have gained much importance. The protection concerns mostly tend to have been observed for transactions – which include digital operations fault and fraud investigation mechanisms and many others.

About Digital Harbor

Dharbor also termed as the digital harbor is a fraud prevention service company dedicated to identifying fraudulent transactions, i.e., may include e-commerce transactions, etc. that will end up in lost revenue and chargebacks. These services analyze a massive amount of information from many sources to make a recommendation of order approval. It ensures a SET (Social Enterprise Technology) Universal platform, which helps to organize relationships and analyze stakeholders, Workers, users, and many shares knowledge seamlessly.

 It is a leader in various approaches with one that includes Risk Management. It offers the most advanced end-to-end operational intelligence package suite for analytics. It performs detection, investigation, assessment, revaluation, and even monitoring of risk and fraud. Social Enterprise Technology (SET) Universal Platform based company; it tries to enrich the knowledge of workers, stakeholders, and other members with specific risk management process and provides certain parameters. Later these parameters are used for making decisions. The main aim of the organization is converting “better transactions” to “better decisions” respectively.

Digital Harbor SET classification based on conditions

Social Enterprise Technology is a Universal Platform, also termed as SET. The Digital Harbor predominantly comprises of SET based technologies. SET consists of three distinct segments where obligations and the vast majority of the sort of exercises are classified as:

  • Social case: It is made in such a way to capture and store data about one or more party/transaction, while enabling collaboration between the user, stakeholders which are present, and application, to share while chatting related to cases which are considered. Every approved task, including capturing and linking knowledge, performs jobs so as to enhance workflow by research and investigation.
  • Social form: A general business conversational entity which deals with breaking-up complexities provides intelligent techniques. Social Forms tends to communicate with users. It later assists them in completing complex applications which can be as complicated as running hundreds of pages.
  • Social analytics: They helps people in making an applicable opinion about the under-evaluation cases by detecting all the anomalies proactively and by recommending the best possible path to achieve the goal.

It was digital harbor which promoted KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYP (know Your Provider) schemes which use various documents and other utilities to verify the existence of legal customer. Other products that are innovative and are featured include KNOW YOUR MEMBER(KYM), KNOW YOUR CAREGIVER(KYCg), KNOW YOUR CLAIM, KNOW YOUR AUDIT(KYA) respectively.

As innovation is under the developing stage, dangers and issues for improvement and further estimations is always the primary concern. It is smarter to consider a proactive methodology instead of responsive. Additionally, such organizations might be helpful as they will in general suit all the more enormous scale items separated by services and necessities; which it performs.