CouchTuner Free Online Movie Streaming Service | Couchtuner proxy Movies

CouchTuner Free Online Movie Streaming Service | Couchtuner proxy Movies

If you are thinking to watch your favorite movies or TV Shows for free on the long weekends, there are many options to look out for. Just like other video streaming services, Netflix or Hulu, CouchTuner might come handy for you in this business.

CouchTuner is a free online service which has a large chunk of TV Shows and movies collection. Launched back in 2010, this online service has attracted a huge audience viewing from all over the world. This online movie and TV shows streaming service offer unlimited support for movies, is free of cost and moreover, the best thing is that you don’t need to sign up for streaming any video.

But, it was still a question that is it legal to watch the movies and TV shows on this online service?

Is CouchTuner legal to use?

There is an easy way to check the website is illegal or legal, if it doesn’t have any brand’s sponsorship or commercials popping up, there is broad chance that the website is illegal.

As per many country rules and jurisdictions, using copyright-protected content without permission is illegal and an offense. Coming to the CouchTuner– as it is a pirate site, it is illegal to use this online service.

That’s the reason this gets blocked very often and switches to the subdomain- CouchTuner proxy available like Couchtuner rocksCouchtuner lifecouchtuner2, etc.

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Is it Safe to use?

Using websites like this and many other like this is a risky business. There are high chances that your device catch the virus or any malware. These websites show many irrelevant ads which you might click accidentally. By clicking these ads, you might invite the viruses to your system.


Couchtuner is one of the best ways to make you entertain. It’s completely free of cost and also contains a large chunk of popular movies and TV shows.

CouchTuner movies are the ones you might see on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu for some definite cost, but this online service does the job for free. It has a search button up there where you can search for your favorite TV shows or movies you want to watch. A CouchTuner user interface is not that user friendly and it lacks in many things at that. But, long put short-CouchTuner rocks when you have a VPN with you.

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Alternatives you can opt for

There are several alternatives of this online service, you can try too for watching movies and TV Series online for free. Some of them includes Rainierland, Movie4U, Putlocker, and Watch Series.

So, here we come to the end of the this online movies streaming service information we can give you. If you have any queries related to the CouchtunerCouchtuner one or Couchtuner power, you can ask them in the comments section below.

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