Best Battery for Toyota Prius Based on Driving Needs

Best Battery for Toyota Prius Based on Driving Needs

Choosing a car battery for a hybrid vehicle may be a little different than buying one for a car with a traditional engine. Toyota Prius drivers need to understand the needs of their car and how they drive to buy the best quality car battery that keeps them going. Here is some information about how to find the best battery for your Toyota Prius that will last a long time.

Hybrid Car Battery

The first thing to understand about driving a Toyota Prius is that your car runs using two different batteries. Unlike other cars that have a typical gas engine, the Prius operates using a hybrid lithium-ion battery that keeps its electrical components running. Generally, Toyota has a strong warranty on this battery, sometimes going up to 150,000 miles. Replacing this battery can cost in the thousands. Drivers may start to notice the car running a little differently, the car AC not working or their gas mileage becoming inconsistent if the hybrid battery is weakening and needs replacement.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

The Toyota Prius also uses a traditional 12-volt battery like other vehicles that needs to be replaced more frequently than the hybrid battery. This smaller battery is not usually covered by Toyota’s warranty. Batteries for the Prius are most often constructed with absorbed glass mat technology. This technology has thin fiberglass mats placed in between glass to keep a charge. The best Toyota Prius batteries use this lighter and more efficient construction method.

 How the Prius Charges Its Car Battery

The Prius battery also charges a little differently than other typical vehicles. Its 12-volt battery doesn’t charge using an alternator or another engine component. Instead, the Prius uses its hybrid lithium-ion battery to give it enough of a charge to start the car. If you accidentally leave your lights on and need a jump from a dead battery, it’s important to carefully follow the directions so you don’t damage your car.

Battery Amp Hours (AH)

Because of the way the Prius battery is constructed, you need to look at certain product specifications before purchasing a new one. Some dealers and Prius enthusiasts recommend consumers pay attention to the battery amp hours or AH. This tells you the capacity of the battery, how many amps it will deliver and how many hours it will last during each new charge.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Some Prius drivers upgrade to a deep cycle battery product when they need to replace the vehicle’s standard battery. If your car suddenly won’t start and a free VIN scanner indicates a battery problem, you can look into replacing your dead battery with a deep cycle one. Deep cycle batteries can go longer in between charges and give you a little more peace of mind.

Improve Your Car’s Performance

Prius drivers may be focused on maintaining their car’s ability to get excellent gas mileage. A high-quality battery can help you keep your car performing at its peak and keep the complex Prius systems operating at their best.

Choose the Right Car Battery

Before buying a new 12-volt battery for your Prius, take some time to understand what your car needs. Buy the best Prius battery and give your vehicle even more power and efficiency.