8 Easy tips to Plan your Birthday within your Budget

8 Easy tips to Plan your Birthday within your Budget

It is that time of the year again and naturally, you feel inclined towards having a blast for your birthday. It is always tempting to do exciting things on that special day and the only thing that makes you uncomfortable is probably your budget.

You may as well get anxious thinking about the big hole that you and your friends are collectively going to burn in your wallet.

But this does not necessarily imply inflicting a financial wound unto you. Birthdays are meant to be a fun event and stressing out yourself won’t do you any good.

There are tons of fun ways to organize your birthday within your budget constraints for birthday party accessories.

Let have a look at a few things you should consider while planning your special day.

Planning in Advance:

Planning well in advance will give you more time to make thoughtful choices while sticking to your budget to get the best deal on all your expenses. You get to explore more options leading to a better deal on all the things you purchase. It also helps avert many inconveniences which might occur in an unplanned party.

Homemade Cake and Ice cream:

It’s not surprising that baking a cake at home is significantly less expensive than getting one ordered. I was utterly surprised when I baked an exquisitely delicious cake at home just by following simple steps shown in online videos. (P.S. Try to make it a chocolate flavored cake. So even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned, the chocolate will still provide lusciousness). And don’t forget the birthday party candles!

You can also make your friends an ice cream. It’s much easier than baking cake. Garnish your servings with some hot chocolate or syrup on top which blends appropriately with the flavor of ice cream.

—Barbeque and bonfire in the backyard is an amazing way to spark interesting conversations with your friends.

Couple that with some dancing and your party will be lit as fun. You can also arrange for some mild booze to set a mellow tone for the evening.

Birthday Partner:

While it can be expensive for a single person to host a party flaunting elegance and lustre, it’s not that difficult when you pair it up for bearing the load. It is quite possible that you have a friend whose birthday lies in the same month as yours.

 You can connect with that friend and decide a date you both are comfortable with for the grand event. Make sure this friend of yours has more or less the same circle of friends to avoid doubling of guests.

You can split up all the expenses with your friend which otherwise would have been your own boat to row. It’s a great way to have a thoroughly mind-blowing party warmly tucked within the comforts of your wallet. You can have all the booze, food and fun at literally half the price.

Avoid making reservations:

If you plan to take your folks outside for a spin, try to avoid places where you need to make reservations. The charges for reserving a table at a place good enough are shooting the roof.

You can save yourself all that extra money which you spend for essentially nothing. Select a venue where you are sure you will get enough chairs together for your bunch.

Be your own DJ:

It is a trend to call for a DJ for some to ramp up the party’s vibe. But do you actually need that if you’re on a budget?

Playing music with speakers sufficiently loud for the venue could save you a handsome deal.  Just connect your phone and start rocking the party.

A Small Affair:

It can be tempting to have a ton of friends and a grand blast to celebrate this milestone. But it is not necessarily the only way when it comes to having a good time. Birthdays don’t really have to be a grand affair with hordes of people.

You may opt for a relatively smaller event with only your close friends or/and family to lighten up your day. This option is not only a measure of cost-effectiveness but also a way to spend time and meaningfully connect with the people who really matter to you.

Many people who can have the most lavish of all parties prefer such a low key gathering sometimes just to make the day more meaningful.

No Booze:

Alcohol amounts for a sizable chunk of your birthday budget. Ditching the bottle can make you good savings. You can arrange for a variety of fun games and activities to keep people engaged and not miss the glass.

 House Party:

Probably the best thing you can do on a budget is to call your friends over to your place and set up some fun activities. This ensures a fantastic time without being too harsh on your purse. There are a number of things you can do at home with a bunch of friends.

When it comes to food, you may go for fast food which is again quite budget-friendly. Order some fast food or cook your own

There are loads of entertaining things to do after cutting your cake. There are millions of board games out there and you can make a day out of them. They are a fun way to keep the guests engaged.

The classic option is of Cards or Uno. Poker is also on the table if your homes are into it. The options are endless. Just make sure whatever it is that you initiate, should be engaging and fun.

Your Birthday is a day you would prefer to leave all the worries behind and just have a good time. Don’t burden yourself with financial stress just to make your party happening. Make it happening yourself. The above ideas are sure to get the endorphin levels kicking without losing a fat wad of cash on your special day.