6 Effective Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in College

6 Effective Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in College

Once you get stuck with essay writing, you think that this is the most irritating state ever. You don’t even know what is the matter with you—maybe you don’t have enough time, maybe the topic is too complex, maybe your writing skills need some improvement, maybe you are just a unicorn not born to write papers. If you are not a unicorn, and discipline is not a problem, you should think about improving your writing skills. Here are some tips on how to do it, not spending too much money.

Make Right Choices

We bet it sounds strange, especially like the first tip, but it is the general idea you should implement using any other tips you can get from us. Our decisions leave traces in our brains. The brain cells are connected, and the more you choose something, some way of action, way of thinking, the easier it is to make similar decisions later. It means that when you want to stop writing and start watching Netflix, you should at least try for “five more minutes” to write. It is a choice which will help you to make better choices more and more.

Collect the Variety of Contexts

Often, the biggest problem is to find relevant information for your essay. It only seems that there is any kind of information online. There is, but you have to know what you are looking for, you have to see the problem from different angles. For this, you should find contexts around—read books, watch documentaries, take part in seminars, subscribe to the newsletters. You decide which kind of information to gather, but make sure it not only gathered from social media.

Write Every Day

The practice is the most valuable thing, and though it sounds so boring, it is true. You have to write at least something but every day. Be it a blog entry, a letter to your friend, meaningful social media post, etc. Everything counts. You don’t have to proofread yourself for this kind of writing too strictly — just try to avoid the most common mistakes. Try to see it as an exercise that doesn’t require you to be perfect. It sounds easy, but there are days when you are not in the mood, you want to skip writing, you wait for inspiration. Remember about traces in our brain. They help to build good habits. And don’t give up!

Learn from Experts

The best way to learn is to practice. The second best — is to learn from experts. If you really can’t grasp the idea of how to write high-quality essays, using the best sources, with zero plagiarism and great formatting – buy several papers from online professional essay writing service like EssayLib and use them as examples later. Quality writing companies don’t limit your communication with their writers, and you can ask any questions, use them as tutors to some point.

Use Proofreading Services

Well, this one is easy, but many students forget about it. Even the best writers use editors and proofreaders. You are not that rich and famous for having a personal editor, but you can benefit from using online services, some of which are even free of charge. We recommend Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway. You can think of different options, just don’t forget to use them every time before submitting a paper.

Help Friends, and Ask Them to Help You

Again, it would be nice to hire a tutor, but it is not a cheap option, and it only helps in the long run. If you need help with improving your writing skills right away, help friends with their essays, and ask them to help you. Feeling responsible for others, you will be much more productive and will learn faster, receiving feedback from your peers. 

It is not an exhaustive list of how students can improve their writing abilities, but it is good enough to start. Good luck!